Dunoon’s potholed sewage-filled roads

City says it cannot maintain the streets due to continued unrest and threats to contractors

By Peter Luhanga - 9 July 2020

“We are forgotten. We will be remembered when the elections are closer”

Residents of Khethi in Pietermaritzburg struggle to access schools, clinics and water

By Nompendulo Ngubane - 2 July 2020

Limited Metrorail service is better than none

As services slowly resumed, Cape Town commuters generally obeyed the measures put in place to curb the spread of Covid-19

By Tariro Washinyira - 1 July 2020

Taxis operating at full capacity

Some commuters and drivers say they fear for their safety but have no choice

By Nokulunga Majola - 30 June 2020

Taxis in KZN to defy lockdown regulations

Taxis plan to operate at full capacity from Monday

By Nokulunga Majola - 26 June 2020

Metrorail to return with an even worse service after lockdown vandalism

A few trains will resume service in Cape Town on 1 July

By Tariro Washinyira - 26 June 2020

“Commuters have to urinate in the open,” says PE taxi driver

Taxi rank public toilets badly vandalised last year have remained closed

By Joseph Chirume - 24 June 2020

Truckers wait days to cross border into Zimbabwe

“Before lockdown it used to be almost two hours before I crossed into Zimbabwe”

By Bernard Chiguvare - 4 June 2020
Photo of a man and a sign for Golden Arrow

Bus drivers disrupt services over Covid-19 fears

Police disperse protesting Golden Arrow employees

By Mary-Anne Gontsana - 8 May 2020
Photo of Kevin Phila

Covid-19: Informal taxi operators in Springs targeted for non-compliance

One driver says his weekly salary dropped from R500 to R150

By Kimberly Mutandiro - 15 April 2020
Photo of parked cars

Covid-19: Angry taxi drivers set tyres alight outside police station in Uitenhage

Local police have impounded about 60 informal jikeleza taxis since the lockdown

By Thamsanqa Mbovane - 14 April 2020
Photo of a car and three children standing at the driver's window

Pothole of gold at the end of the rainbow

Children earn money directing cars around potholes hidden by a flooded road in Bethelsdorp

By Mkhuseli Sizani - 3 April 2020
Photo of a taxi being loaded  on to a flatbed truck

Covid-19: PE taxis impounded in wildcat strike

Taxi operators demand compensation for reduced income, others massively hike fares

By Mkhuseli Sizani - 31 March 2020
Photo of people queuing

Covid-19: Taxi commuters anxious about pandemic

City of Cape Town says it will implement a number of precautionary measures at public transport interchanges in the coming days

By Mary-Anne Gontsana - 18 March 2020
Photo of blocked road

“People are dying and getting injured everyday on this road,” says Cornubia resident

EThekwini Municipality says it is considering erecting a temporary steel pedestrian bridge on the R102

By Nokulunga Majola - 12 March 2020
Photo of Mpondo

PRASA official ‘declines’ to go on air with #UniteBehind

Demand that #UniteBehind not be allowed to participate on the same programme is a direct form of censorship, says organisation

By Steve Kretzmann - 10 March 2020