Refugee and former car guard graduates with a PhD

Albert Mpazayabo hopes his thesis on integration of refugees in South Africa will be taken seriously by the authorities


News | 10 May 2024

Immigration officer slammed by judges after Ethiopian asylum seeker attempts suicide

Tsegaye Esyas says he was duped into confessing that he was in South Africa illegally


Law | 24 April 2024

Traders accuse border officers of beating them and burning their stalls

Lawyers for Human Rights accuse authorities of violating human rights


News | 12 April 2024

Zimbabweans complain of Home Affairs incompetence

Numerous waiver letters contain incorrect information


News | 4 April 2024

Congolese march to Parliament to draw attention to war at home

A number of local organisations joined the protest


Brief | 18 March 2024

Zimbabwean permits: Helen Suzman Foundation takes on Minister in Constitutional Court

Foundation opposes bid by Aaron Motsoaledi to overturn High Court ruling


Law | 18 March 2024

Home Affairs minister takes Zimbabwean permit battle to the Constitutional Court

The High Court ruled against the minister and he failed in his appeal to the Supreme Court of Appeal


Law | 6 March 2024

SCA dismisses bid to appeal Zim permits ruling

Minister Motsoaledi wanted leave to appeal a ruling that declared the termination of the Zimbabwean permit programme unlawful, unconstitutional and invalid


Law | 23 February 2024

Kenny Kunene targets primary school over claimed plans for Shona lessons

Using xenophobia to campaign is against the Electoral Code of Conduct, say activists


News | 15 February 2024

South Africa cracks down on Zimbabwean children entering the country to visit their parents

Border Management Authority claims of “human trafficking” of children across the Beitbridge border appear unfounded

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News | 13 December 2023

Constitutional Court win for asylum seekers

Provisions in the Refugees Act introduced in January 2020 struck down for violating a number of fundamental rights


Law | 12 December 2023

“Xenophobic” Makhubela should not be part of Joburg fire inquiry, say activists

Picket outside Commission of Inquiry into Albert Street fire


News | 5 December 2023

Two-year extension for Zimbabwe and Lesotho permit holders

New permits to be issued to the approximately 233,000 existing permit holders


Brief | 1 December 2023

Zimbabwe permit application dismissed: no need for it, say judges

Permit holders protected until at least June 2024


Law | 7 November 2023

Concourt slaps Home Affairs minister with personal cost order

Minister Aaron Motsoaledi and Director-General Livhuwani Makhode must pay from their own pockets part of legal costs for Lawyers For Human Rights


Law | 30 October 2023

Helen Suzman Foundation goes to court to “avert human catastrophe”

The organisation wants an execution order that will protect Zimbabwean Exemption Permit holders


Law | 27 October 2023